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Drop Ship

    • Wholesale DropShip Electronics from Sharegood.com

  • DropShip Services for Amazon Sellers, eBay Powersellers, Retail Shops & Wholesale Importers
  • Sharegood.com is a Chinese based wholesale electronics company, registered both in Hong Kong(No.1583111) and China Mainland(NO.440307105375158). We are a leading wholesale exporter supplying a wide range of electronics.Although we established in 2007, we have served more than 40,000 worldwide customers, they are from European, America, Asia, Australia and Africa --- totaling over 150 countries or cities. Now Sharegood provides drop ship electrnics service for ebay powersellers, amazon sellers, retail shops & wholesale importers!
  • Level Up of Drop Shipping Account
  • A bonus for our long-term customers, we've already opened a Special Discount Levels scheme. For instance, we will raise your level after you have ordered goods worth more than 588 USD from our website. If you have purchased more than 1888 USD, we will raise your level again. For detailed information, please refer to our Discount Policy. Power Seller Secret: We will inform you about the next levels (price breaks) after you pass the first two levels...
  • Drop Shipping Account Level and Discount
  • If you want to buy, for instance, a MP5 Player from us, you will see the different price breaks on the product page for different quantities. These are the basic levels. Let's assume that you order a sample and the single price is 46.12 USD and the 4 pcs price is $45.58USD. Once your level is raised, you can get the price of which level on the sample automatically. If you're really serious about buying wholesale products from China, please raise your level, and then you can crush your competitor and ramp up your online profits...
  • Drop Ship on Sharegood
  • As a China electronics distributing company, all of our customers can drop shipping electronics from China to worldwide countries with no additional charge.

  • step 1:
    Choose the items which you want to order for your customers.

    step 2:
    Provide your customer's shipping address.

    step 3:
    After we confirm the completed payment for your dropship order, we will ship the items fast.

  • Register on our online shop website, when you make drop shipping order, you can have shipping addresses as many as you like on your Sharegood account. To preview shipping costs, you can put single product item into your shipping cart and look at the shipping calculation. If you want to place a drop ship order in large quantities to several different countries, please do not use the shipping cost calculation for the entire order. You need to preview the shipping cost of every product and every shipping destination, and add all the shipping fees together.

    When you order, please feel free to declare the shipping comments with Drop Shipping to Customer information. When we confirm your order, we will send mail or phone to you to double verify the shipping address before processing the order.

    We will send the shipping parcels to your customers without any information about Sharegood to protect your benefit as a drop shipper. If your customer has any questions or wants to repair, return or replace the products bought from Sharegood, they will have to contact with you first.
  • How Drop Ship Works

  •   Please Note:
  • If you are a drop shipper, I recommend that you inform your customers to know about the import duty rule of their country before placing orders. As we know, some countries do not charge import duties on private items, samples, or goods below a certain stated value. Sharegood can't be responsible for the import duties and custom cost. As we are in China, we may be not clear about the customs policy of your customer's country, we don't know the import duties and other relevant cost which should be paid in their country when the goods reached their country's customs. We will do whatever we do to help your customers minimize the tax if you have special packing or declaration instructions.
  • Warranty for Drop Shipping Products
  • All the electronic products come from Sharegood are guaranteed 1 year warranty for repair, return or replacement.

    If your customers have any using problem of the products that buy from Sharegood, please you to consult with your customer for the detailed problem information, and then feedback to us. We will discuss the issue with you.

    Via our technical support, we can dig out your using problem via our technical support in most of cases. If confirmed no problem, you have no need to return back to us. If confirmed any irremediable problem with the goods, we will suggest you to return them to us for repair or replacement, we will provide you our postal address. Any consult result, please inform your customers and you can provide our postal to him for returning back.

    If you allowed, we can also glad help you to consult the problem with you customers directly. Drop Shipping is really easy!

    More questions about drop shipping, please visit here Drop Shipping FAQs

Payment & Shipment & SLL Security

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